The University of Alabama Women’s soccer team kicked off its season four weeks ago and has now a record of 3-2. In their season opener on Aug. 19, 2021, the Tide got off to a good start puling in a win against the Jacksonville State Gamecocks with a score of 4-0 at our very own home stadium. Points all scored by midfielder Reyna Reyes, forward Ashlynn Serepca, midfielder Macy Clem, and freshman forward Leah Kunde. This game was a fast pace, on fire kind of match, that light the spark to the beginning of the Tides season.

The following week, Alabama continued the good flow with a win of 3-1 against Lamar in an intense match. The Crimson Tide proceeded to shut down Lamar’s offense in the second half, securing their title of victors. The determination and teamwork shared amongst these young women is what led the Crimson Tide to their second victory.

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Two nights later, in a close game against Southern Mississippi, The Tide snuck out a win with the score of 3-2, for its third won of the season. These girls defeated Southern Miss. In double overtime. Playing their hearts out for 107 minutes, until sophomore midfielder Felicia Knox brought home the winning goal. Both teams fought relentlessly, the strength and drive of the Crimson Tide will always be the reason they will end up victorious. With the great Coach Wes Heart leading this team, you should look forward to a well dominated season

Photo by: Alabama Womens Soccer via Instagram
Photo by: Alabama Womens Soccer via Instagram

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