It's Spring Break in Tuscaloosa, and hundreds of students and families have flocked to the beach for a week of fun and sun--and the rest of us are stuck here with work and all the other things that make adulting the worst.

It's a bummer to scroll through your timeline and see pictures from all your friends as they have a blast at the beach. They're off sleeping in or sipping mai tais and you're out here grinding in an attempt to pay the dang bills. It's okay to be a little jealous... or seriously jealous... or saltier than the Gulf of Mexico.

You know what will make you feel better?

Take a look at the forecast for Gulf Shores this week.

  • Monday: Rainy; High 64, Low 44
  • Tuesday: Sunny; High 58, Low 35
  • Wednesday: Partly Cloudy; High 59, Low 42
  • Thursday: Partly Cloudy; High 59, Low 42
  • Friday: Sunny; High 68, Low 53

Not exactly ideal beach weather... I mean, I feel for those of you at the beach who have to wear sweaters while you build a sandcastle... but... you're still at the beach.

And I'm not.


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