The area in Birmingham where I-65 and I 20/59 intersect is affectionately known as "Malfunction Junction". For years, this area has caused headaches for daily commuters and nightmares for travelers passing through Birmingham. If you're not paying attention, it's easy to wind up on the wrong exit.

Malfunction Junction is currently undergoing a major face lift in hopes of alleviating some of the traffic congestion. When the project is completed, City Officials say traveling in the area WILL be better. However, now with the road construction that's currently taking place, Birmingham Residents say that it can't get any worse.....But it HAS!

Check out this picture posted by WVTM 13 on their Facebook Page, Can you see what's wrong with it? Look at it closely....

Photo Courtesy WVTM 13 Facebook Page
Photo Courtesy WVTM 13 Facebook Page

Do you see the mistakes? Some genius, (more than likely an Auburn Grad), screwed up the interstate numbers on the signs!  I-20 doesn't come close to taking you to Huntsville, and I-65 doesn't take you to Tuscaloosa, nor does it head west! The only thing correct in this picture is I-65 South taking you to Montgomery. It SHOULD read I-20/59 to Tuscaloosa, and I-65 North to Huntsville. Clearly, some folks responsible for the snafu are falling asleep at the wheel! (pun intended).

I'm not sure what's worse. The guy who got the numbers switched up in the first place, or the people who didn't catch the mistake right away and put the signs up anyway!

At least the people who were stuck in traffic may have found the mishap somewhat amusing. Although, I'm pretty sure the folks who wound up taking the wrong exit BECAUSE of this mishap weren't too happy.

To the folks responsible for this, all I can say is.....YOU ONLY HAD ONE JOB! 

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