One of the trending topics on LinkedIn this morning surrounds this question: Why are you late for work?

In the article, people cite various reasons they're late including having overslept, being stuck in traffic, and other reasons that are rather rare like having fake eyelashes stuck together or falling asleep in the job parking lot.

It is said that more than 40 percent of employers fired someone for being late. But one of the comments on the article asks why tardiness is such a big deal to some employers. The writer says that he thinks it's more important for the job to be done and that it doesn't matter if the employee comes to work at a designated time.

Others chimed in. Some were in support of this theory while others said that in some jobs timeliness is very important. For instance, in jobs where appointments must be made (such as medical visits, court, salon appointments, etc.), it is imperative for the employee to be on time, as his or her timeliness determines whether or not they keep their customers. In addition, those with shift work should be punctual, as they are the relief for another. In the case of factories and plants, not only is the employee relief for another, but they must be in place to fill a specific role.

In cases other than these, how important do you think it is to be on time for work? Do you think you'd be more productive (as this commenter suggested) if less emphasis was placed on the time you were to report to work?


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