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Shelton State Community College announced its new Modern Manufacturing program in a Monday press release.

The school said the program received input from local business and industry leaders and will hope to prepare students for employment in West Alabama.

(Courtesy of Shelton State Community College via Facebook)
(Courtesy of Shelton State Community College via Facebook)

"Although the program is new, this process began about two years ago when we spoke with industry leaders about filling production positions," Grant Cockrell, Associate Dean of Technical Services said. "In working together, we’ve created a program that will allow students not only to finish with a degree, but they’ll also receive industry certifications acknowledging their newly gained skillsets.  We are very excited about the doors this will open for our graduates."

The program will offer students classes in "machine operations, production line operations, systems analysis, instrumentation, physical controls, automation, manufacturing planning, quality control, and informational infrastructure."

The school is offering scholarships for the program; the application deadline is Oct. 6.

Registration for the program is available during Shelton's "second fall term" with classes beginning Oct. 12.

For more information check out the Shelton State Community College website here.

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