All modes of severe weather are possible in Alabama tomorrow, including tornadoes. The latest forecast indicates that this could be a significant severe weather event. 

The National Weather Service in Birmingham has already placed most of the state in an Enhanced Risk Area for tomorrow. Tornadoes, damaging winds, and large hail are all possible tomorrow afternoon. The eastern portion of the state has been placed in a Moderate Risk Area; these counties could see destructive, long-track tornadoes.

ABC 33/40 Chief Meteorologist James Spann writes on the Alabama Weather Blog that we could see a round of early morning storms followed by a stronger round of storms in the afternoon:

It is important not to get too hung up in risk areas and lines on these maps; remember storms don’t know anything about those lines and terms. This is simply a guideline to let you know where the greatest risk will be. Could there be an upgrade to a high risk in later outlooks today? Yes, but that just isn’t that important. Just be ready one way or another... While all of Alabama has a severe weather risk tomorrow, the highest tornado potential will come from roughly I-65 east, or over the eastern half of the state. This is where the best combination of lift, instability, and shear will be found. Understand a tornado is certainly possible over West Alabama, but the odds are lower there... Best thing we can say for now is that we expect multiple waves of thunderstorms from 4:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. The highest threat of tornadoes will come during the afternoon/evening hours, during the peak of the daytime heating process. More than likely, there will be lull in the action during the midday hours, but even then a few severe storms will be possible. We will need to be vigilant through the entire day... All modes of severe weather will be possible tomorrow, including large hail, damaging straight line winds, and tornadoes. A few long track, strong/violent tornadoes are possible, especially in the “enhanced” and “moderate” risk areas defined by SPC on the map above.


We'll continue to follow this forecast and bring you updates as they become available. For a more in-depth look at the forecast, take a look at the latest Weather Xtreme video from ABC 33/40.


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