No one is safe from Spooky Season 2020 (Trademark pending.)

All jokes aside, Week 3 of SEC play showed us all exactly why we love this conference and college football. Well, at least if you were an underdog.

Only Vanderbilt and Mississippi State came into the day with the expectation of defeat by the masses and were subsequently throttled by the opposition. The other five contests were a completely different story. But we know the scores and upsets and the ghost stories that come with them.

Tennessee and Arkansas are two tough teams on the brink of reversing the perception of their respective programs after a decade of mediocrity. The witchcraft in Jordan-Hare saved the Auburn Tigers yet again. LSU is losing a grip on reality along with the 18 starters from last year. A lack of defensive ability did the Florida Gators in much sooner than any of us expected as Kellen Mond and Jimbo Fisher picked up the Aggies' most important victory in their tenure in College Station. To put Week 3 into plain spooky lingo, these teams are masquerading around the region like an Edgar Allen Poe short story.

Then there was the Big 12 showdown between the... Alabama Crimson Tide and Ole Miss Rebels. Fans of offense certainly voted this game as this year's winner of the costume contest. The attention to detail with both teams downright refusing to play defense was a true commitment to the character.

Throw out everything you know about college football this year. With the Big 10 kicking off in 13 days, the PAC 12 in less than a month, take those predictions you had and feed them to your local zombie horde.

If we've learned anything from this week, this year's SEC is proving to be just like a bad office Halloween party: no one can tell what costume you were going for, and somebody is trying way too hard to nail that perfect sci-fi cosplay no one gets (looking at you Missouri and Arkansas.)

Still think there isn't magic in the air this season? Head coach Nick Saban was laughing at the start of his on-field post-game interview after giving up 48 points and 647 yards before accusing Lane Kiffin of being the cheap medium of the community who peered into the defensive meetings this week with his magic orb to get defensive coordinator [Redacted]'s call signals.

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Thankfully, just like your favorite B-level horror flick, the good guys won despite the shenanigans of the evil protagonists. Mac Jones proved yet again he's destined for greatness while Alabama found it's running game to the tune of 5 Najee Harris touchdowns.

Like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it wasn't overkill, it was necessary.

We're still 20 days from Nick Saban's birthday, er, I mean Halloween. But the SEC is turned upside down like the Twilight Zone and at this point, it's anyone's chance to race to the door and grab the most treats in Atlanta.

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