A sanitary sewer overflow has affected two areas within Tuscaloosa. 

The City of Tuscaloosa says the overflow is ongoing at the 31st Avenue East and 47th Street East, flowing into an unnamed tributary of Rum Creek which flows into Cypress Creek. The City plans to clean and disinfect the affected area, and signage is in place.

This does not impact the tapwater, as the wastewater system and water system are two completely different systems.

Caution is advised in affected areas, as health problems could result from exposure to wastewater. It is best to avoid the affected area until cleaning has been completed.

The City of Tuscaloosa treats over 6.5 billion gallons of wastewater annually at its wastewater plant and less than 0.03% of that volume has been lost to sanitary sewer overflows in its collection system over the last three years.

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