Last fall, Jackie Chan revealed that a fourth Rush Hour movie was in the works, but there was one catch: Chris Tucker had to agree. You can’t have a buddy cop movie without two cops, and you certainly can’t have a Rush Hour movie without both Chan and Tucker. Now the last box has finally been checked, and Tucker is onboard.

While stopping by ESPN’s podcast The Plug earlier this week, Tucker officially confirmed that Rush Hour 4 is in the works. “We’re working on it now,” Tucker told the hosts, confirming both he and Chan are returning for the sequel. He wouldn’t spill any further details, but did call it “the rush of all rushes.” OK, I can get behind that.

Last October, Chan said that he has been turning down scripts for the sequel for the past seven years, but finally landed on one he was happy with. A second draft of the script was in the works then, and Chan said production could kick off as soon as this year, which seems likely now after Tucker’s confirmation.

There’s just one problem that a new Rush Hour movie signals though – Brett Ratner. The director helmed the first three movies, so one can only assume he’d be back for the fourth, but let’s not forget those allegations. Seven women, including actress Olivia Munn, came forward last fall in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein fallout and accused Ratner of sexual harassment, misconduct, and in one case, rape. Warner Bros cut ties with Ratner following the allegations and removed his name from their upcoming The Goldfinch. I can only hope Chan and Tucker choose another director. It’s not like he’s the James Cameron of the Rush Hour universe, and a sequel with some new vision certainly wouldn’t hurt.

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