Every few days there are new ideas on businesses that should be in Northport. Costco is a hot topic and we have the answer to why there isn’t one in Northport.

A lot of people have wondered when West Alabama would get a Costco. I personally would love to see one built because I have never been inside a Costco!

Now that you’re done judging my life, let’s get to the heart of the matter. Northport City Councilman Jeff Hogg has always been open to residents about things they want to discuss.

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Recently, Hogg took to social media to address concerns about the city getting a Costco.  In the Facebook post, Hogg explains that there is nothing he can do to force a business to come to Northport.

“As I have tried to explain that we cannot make a business come to our city if it doesn’t fit the corporate criteria.”

Jeff Hogg then posted the criteria from Costco to consider an area. Some of the qualifications involved population, resident income, and other specifications.


Who knew all of this was needed before a store would be built? Preferred co-tenants, median income, and certain land requirements all play a huge factor. Wow!

I love how Jeff Hogg opens the public eye to things like this. I can admit, as common citizens, we can get accustomed to asking for so much without truly knowing what goes into making those things happen. Seeing so many new businesses coming to Northport, it’s easy to make suggestions and have no idea why your particular suggestion isn’t happening.

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