So, we’ve all heard about the fever, coughing, and other possible symptoms of coronavirus, but did you hear about pink eye?  What about loss of smell or taste? Digestive problems like diarrhea, nausea, a vomiting? According to some researchers, all of these could be symptoms of COVID-19!

It is understandable for shortness of breath to be a symptom, as the virus is said to cause respiratory infection; but pink eye is a symptom that can be overlooked though it should definitely be considered as it is said to occur with other types of viral infections.

While pink eye infections typically cause secretions, it is said to be unlikely for a COVID-19 infection to be passed through tears. Source.

Never the less, ophthalmologists are encouraged to precautions when patients present with pink eye, which is said to be quite contagious in itself.

First, we were running from anyone with a cough or sneeze despite seasonal allergies being the cause for some (we can’t be too careful), and now we have to look people in the eye… Again, something we should have been doing anyway.

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