Pickens County Sherriff Todd Hall recently sent out a warning to citizens about a phone scam in the area.

Residents in Pickens County are being asked to beware of recent phone scams that mention asking for money for loved ones.

Several citizens have reported receiving phone calls from people asking for bond money or money to treat a loved one who has been hurt. The calls come from an unknown number and the caller says they have information about a loved one or a close friend.

The caller says that a loved one has been in an accident or is in jail. The victims would be told that treatment or release from jail would not occur until payment was received by the caller. The victim is then instructed to go to various dollar stores and purchase money cards that can then be transferred by phone to the criminal. Once payment has been received the caller is never heard from again.

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According to a release from the Pickens County Sheriff's Office, hospitals or Law Enforcement will never ask you to purchase a money card. They will always allow you the opportunity to get more information and verify facts.

Pickens County Sheriff Todd Hall asks that If you receive a call from someone stating there is an emergency and money is required, please take down the contact information and then reach out to your local Law enforcement to verify.

If you have additional questions or require additional information please call the Pickens County Sherriff's Office at 205-367-2000.

(Source) For more information from the Pickens County Sherriff's Office click here. 

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