A tragic story of a young man, only 15, has touched many across the nation.

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Tragedy that has an inspiring message that connects all the way to Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

His name is Ethan Glynn and he is in the 9th grade.

He wanted to be a football player and he made the team this Fall.

It was his first big game and his friends and family say it was all he talked about in the days leading up to kickoff.

The young athlete was involved in what looked like a fairly routine play and tackle, that was anything but routine.

When all was said and done, Ethan was paralyzed from his shoulders down after sustaining a severe neck and spinal cord injury during the game on September 2.

His parents, Cassidy Durkin and Corey Glynn have told another part of this story that is hitting home for all of us Alabama Crimson Tide fans.

After multiple surgeries and time on a ventilator, Ethan woke up this past Saturday afternoon.

What were his first words?


That is what Ethan looked and his parents and said.


Apparently, Ethan was watching the Alabama Crimson Tide take on the Texas Longhorns on the television last Saturday afternoon.

According to those close to him, he heard the cheer during the game and it made an impression on young Ethan.

I am sure that Coach Saban and, of course, Terri Saban will be touched by this story of 15-year old Ethan Glynn.

Facing one of the worst things you can face in life, BAMANATION, is praying for young Ethan and we wish him the best.

A GoFundMe has been set up HERE.

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