Tuscaloosa is a wonderful city, but it seems like the more people that come to town, the fewer parking spaces there are. This is nothing new, but one place this affects most of the time is The Strip.

While The Strip attracts many patrons due to its proximity to Bryant-Denny Stadium, it's always packed regardless. This presents another major issue.

Where in the world do you park your car?!?

There's barely any parking to be found in the area. And any parking that is there comes with a catch. For example, the University has a gigantic parking lot that of course is for students.

If a non-student decides to park there, they run the risk of getting a ticket. Or if you park in the area of Publix, you run the risk of your car getting towed.

This isn't to say that shouldn't be regulations obviously, otherwise, someone may park their vehicle for an elongated period of time. But with all this construction in Tuscaloosa, why hasn't more parking for The Strip been discussed?

The primary reason may be due to the fact of how small the area really is. But there has to be a better way to get more people downtown than just using Uber or Lyft.

Most probably don't park in the free parking deck further downtown and then walk to The Strip. Neither would anyone new to town running the risk of getting a ticket as their welcome to Tuscaloosa.

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So what can Tuscaloosa do to alleviate the problem? The answer of course is to have more parking, but where would you put it? That becomes the main issue that needs answering.

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