Rookie Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa took the field for the Miami Dolphins as the starter for the first time this week, marking a milestone for the Alabama football program. Alabama is now the only college football program to have an alumni starting at all 22 positions in the NFL.

Its not news that Alabama has been a consistent NFL production powerhouse, but this stat is mind-boggling. To be the only school to produce a starter at every single position speaks to not only Nick Saban's ability to develop players, but his ability to teach them to overcome adversity. Many of the Alabama alumni that are starting in today's NFL fought through serious roadblocks to get to where they are.

Tua Tagovailoa and Eddie Jackson both battled back from what could have been career ending injuries at one time. Mack Wilson has now fought his way up the depth chart after being a fifth round pick in 2019.  Alabama not only produces immediate NFL ready talent, but players that know how to scrap and fight their way into a starting role.

“I’m glad you informed me of that. I never knew that. I know we have a lot of guys playing in the league, and they certainly did a great job and are great ambassadors of the University of Alabama," Nick Saban said in a recent appearance on "Hey Coach" when told about the stat. "Every week, I get a report on how they’re all doing. I'm really, really proud of those guys. I think that because they’ve played well and represented their teams well that it really creates more opportunities for guys on our team now, which I think is a culture that you really love having in your program.”

This will undoubtedly be ultimate recruiting material for Saban going forward. While other schools may argue over claim to titles like DBU, RBU, and QBU, Alabama can confidently lay claim on the title of NFLU.

Bama in the NFL

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