Alabama Crimson Tide Head Coach Nick Saban hasn't forgotten about the loss to Georgia in the 2022 National Championship. Recently, Coach Saban took to the microphone at the Alabama Football Coaches Association to talk to other football coaches and to speak about the game:

While speaking, Saban mentions the unfortunate injuries that befell the Tide near the end of the season. Coach Saban mentions 3 players who, in his words, "didn't do the things they needed to do throughout the season."

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Saban also mentioned that the players were "frustrated with their circumstance because they're not playing as much as they want to," also saying "they want to worry about how many balls they catch or how much playing time they get."

Saban then said that when the 3 players were given a chance in the championship, "not one of them couldn't take advantage of the opportunity that they had."

Many have speculated who these players are, with players like Agiye Hall and Jahleel Billingsley being the possible players Saban was referring to, but that is up to speculation.

But Saban wasn't calling out players to call out players. Saban said there's a lesson to be learned from the experience. Coach Saban also stated to the room of coaches he was speaking to, that this was a lesson that they should take back to their teams.

Saban said the lesson simply: "What comes first? Playing time? Or making sure that you're ready to play and create value for yourself when you get the opportunity?"

One thing is for sure, Nick Saban holds everyone accountable. If they want to play in the game, they have to put in work off the field.

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