Neal McCoy's mother, Virginia "Ginny" McCoy, died on Monday (Feb. 19). The country singer posted about her death on Facebook, sharing the story of his mother's immigration from the Philippines and her love for the United States and the Pledge of Allegiance.

McCoy's mother, he shared on Facebook on Tuesday morning (Feb. 20), died around 9:50PM on Monday, surrounded by her loved ones, including McCoy and his wife, his brother and sister and their spouses. The singer says he'd spent the last couple weeks with her.

"Hey y'all ... Our mom just went to Heaven," McCoy posted on Monday night, around 11PM ET. "Thank you so much for all the prayers and thoughts. Don’t grieve for us, Mom is in [a] Great Place!!!!! Went very peacefully."

In a Tuesday morning (Feb. 20) Facebook live video, McCoy spoke about his mother and dedicated his daily recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance to her.

"She loved the pledge. She is the one responsible for putting the patriotism in us," McCoy shares. "When we were kids, she'd tell us, 'Be grateful for where you live, because no other country is quite like the one you live in.' I believe in our country because of my mother. When I started [saying the pledge], it was a big deal for her."

McCoy's father passed away nearly a year ago, and his stepfather, Don McCoy, passed away in 2015. The singer's mother and father met while his dad was serving in the United States Army Corp of Engineers in the Philippines.

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