MoviePass, the controversial ticket company that many believe is too good to be true, has just lowered its prices again for a limited time to lure in new subscribers. While  subscribers would normally get to see a movie a day for a monthly fee of just under $10, now those who sign up starting today will only be paying $6.95 a month for an annual subscription.

MoviePass has attracted millions of new subscribers since slashing its prices down from $50/month last summer, and continues to try to make itself an essential part of the moviegoing experience. But some people and companies are a little wary of the service, and many believe that it’s now operating under a large amount of debt, as the company pays theaters full price for each ticket a subscriber uses their card to buy. MoviePass says it’s selling a lot of its user data to a few third-party companies, and the company got into trouble recently for apparently tracking users through their apps even when outside of the theater, a feature the company quickly disabled. MoviePass is also attempting to make itself into a distributor, partnering with The Orchard to buy American Animals out of the Sundance Film Festival.

The subscription service essentially pays for itself after one or two movies, depending on where in the country you live, but there are more than enough reasons for subscribers to be wary of it. After AMC Theaters threatened not to allow it into their kiosks, MoviePass disabled its service for a few AMC movie theaters around the country, effectively strong-arming the chain into granting MoviePass access. The company has also begun to advertise certain movies to subscribers, highlighting some titles that pay the service for exposure, and burying others. I myself am a subscriber, and I can’t help but list all kids of caveats while writing about it. For the average user, though, it’s too good a deal to pass up for now.

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