In May of this year, a poor cow was struck by lightning within 100 yards of a family. Luckily the family found shelter and were safely indoors when it happened. That could have been so much worse.

An Alabama teen was also struck by lightning and died while swimming in Georgia while on vacation.

So what are the chances of getting struck by lightning as you step out the door in Alabama?

Pretty high from what I have found out. I would have never thought that the chances of this happening would even occupy a portion of my brain that relates to ways to die. Fire, Sharks, and maybe a tornado. Never thought about lighting!

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Alabama is in the top ten ranked states for death by lightning. Our actual placement is No. 3!

That left me shooketh!

We, as humans, are not the only ones in danger of getting a jolt from the clouds above. Livestock and our beloved pets are in danger also.

So now you are asking yourself “How do I stay safe?”

What should you do if you happen to be outdoors when it begins to storm?

At which point do you run for shelter? Do you run when the first raindrop falls?

Actually, no.

Experts say that if you hear thunder, seek shelter immediately. Lightning can travel for 15 miles past a thunderstorm. So if a storm is near and you hear the rumble, seek shelter inside a building or your car.

If you are in a building, stay away from windows, anything that is plugged into an outlet, and a shower is not the best idea either.

If you are seeking shelter in your car, make sure you have a hard roof, avoid touching any metal objects in your car and keep your windows rolled up.

Let's say you aren't near a car or building, what then?  Avoid trees and water. If you are on an elevated surface try moving to lower ground. Do not stand in an open field, experts say to crouch down. Never lay down, you want to avoid as much bodily contact with the ground. So place your hands over your head covering your ears and roll yourself into a ball while crouching. The only contact with the ground should be your feet.

So my fellow Alabamians, please stay safe! The only jolt I approve of is a cup of coffee!

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