With the 50th anniversary of Title IX being this week, Alabama women’s basketball head coach Kristy Curry joined The Jay Barker Show on Wednesday to talk about women in sports.

“Recognizing the history of and tradition in women’s athletics here at Alabama, it’s amazing that it’s been 50 years and just to see the progress and growth has been really incredible,” said Curry. “Our leadership group here at Alabama [and] what they do to support our program on campus and in the community and our players with life after basketball, you only see it going up from here.”

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Even though there has been lots of growth, Curry says there is still room to grow.

“I think we’ve only scratched the surface,” said Curry. “We need to look across the country at every level, you see how many opportunities that little girls have to play and to participate in a sport, but I think there’s so much room for growth from the grass roots level all the way to the collegiate level.”

Curry also gave a preview of next year’s team and how they are preparing for the upcoming season.

“We’re really excited, we return like 92% of our scoring and then we’ve added six new faces,” said Curry. “The thing I love most about this team is there is always a ball bouncing and it’s the time that they’re spending in the gym when nobody is watching.”

One of those six new faces on the Alabama squad is Jay Barker’s daughter Sarah Ashlee.

“What an impact she is as a person and a player,” said Curry. “We are loving spending every day with her and so proud she’s home, can’t wait to watch her the next three years.”

Tickets will start to go on sale on July 27th for the 2022-23 Alabama women’s basketball season.

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