That's gotta hurt.

YouTube is at YouTube's finest in this clip of a guy who fills a bathtub with 1,250 bottles of hot sauce, as well as some peppers, and then jumps in for the least soothing bath in history.

The guy takes a bite out of a pepper, dips his whole head in the sauce and then proceeds to freak out like a vampire exposed to the sun while his bathroom is covered in so much red it looks like it was the set of a slasher flick.

It looks painful, but there's a chorus of people who believe it's a hoax, the tub is filled with tomato juice and this is just a plot for views (apparently, people do that online -- who knew?).

He's not alone in his quest to fill a giant area with something other than water. Remember this fella who loaded his pool with Coke? And this guy has a history of doing it, too, as you can see below. If he's looking to up the ante, which it sure seems like, here are a couple of suggestions: urine, ranch dressing, coffee, airplane glue. That oughta keep him busy for awhile.

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