There are some foods that simply don't sound right saying together. Asparagus jellybeans. Pickle yogurt. Liverwurst dip. Here's another you can add to that list.

Ketchup cake. Yes, ketchup and cake.

Someone on Reddit noticed there's a recipe for ketchup cake on the back of a bottle of Heinz. Specifically, it's the Great Canadian Ketchup Cake. The people up north like weird food -- poutine, anyone? -- so we can't say we're too surprised that this is a delicacy, although it's not really one that overly-excites us, like, say, Burger King's Whopperito, which combines the Whopper and a burrito.

Being a go-getter, though, Gregory Nuttle (note his NSFW language in the above and below videos) went ahead and baked the cake.

The verdict seems to be positive, so we can only keep our fingers crossed that someone will get cracking on a mayonnaise filled doughnut or a mustard-filled eclair.

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