Judith Batty Makes Girl Scout History By Becoming Interim CEO

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Let’s be honest; we all get very excited when it is Girl Scout Cookie Season.  It’s like there is extra pep in our step when we get a box of our favorite Girl Scout cookies.  For me, the Do-si-dos are my weakness; those Peanut Butter sandwich cookies are incredible.  However, the Girl Scouts are so much more than the cookie season.

Growing up, I didn’t have access to becoming a Girl Scout.  My first interaction with Girl Scouts outside of cookie season was with an intern that I adored, Alexis.  She was my intern many years ago and has become a good friend.  Recently, she was talking about her daughter and having her join the Girl Scouts.  From an outsider looking in, I noticed when I first met Alexis, and she had [and still possess] a level of confidence that I believe was fostered further while being with the Girl Scouts.

So, I was excited to find out that the Girl Scout organization embarked on a history-making event.  According to Diversity Inc., the “Girl Scouts of the United States has appointed Judith Batty as interim CEO, making her the first black professional to hold the position. Batty, who is a board member, former senior legal counsel, corporate leader, and lifelong Girl Scout, will begin her duties starting August 15, taking over from Sylvia Acevedo.”

Judith Batty’s commentary on the Girl Scout Blog noted her thoughts that “when I was young, the Girl Scouts instilled in me the courage, confidence, and character that have guided me through my life and career. It is an incredible honor to bring those lessons back full circle to help the Girl Scouts navigate this transition.”

(Source) For more from Diversity Inc., click here.  For more from the Girl Scout Blog, click here.

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