The Fourth of July promises a time of fun and fellowship, but don't let illegal firework use ruin your night.

Alabama state laws note that individuals must be over the age of 16 to buy fireworks, unless accompanied by an adult.

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Furthermore, fireworks cannot be sold to any "intoxicated or irresponsible person." If residents want to run their own fireworks show, they'd better be sober.

However, many types of fireworks are illegal for private use across Alabama regardless age or mental state. These include:

  • Firecrackers containing more than "50 milligrams of explosive composition"
  • Aerial devices containing more than "130 milligrams of explosive composition."

For residents in Tuscaloosa County, smaller fireworks are permitted. Wholesale Fireworks provides a list of the specific types that are legally allowed.

There are still rules with these smaller fireworks, though.

Alabama law states that they cannot be ignited "within 600 feet of any church, hospital, asylum, public school" or any enclosed building--including homes.

Fireworks of ALL types are prohibited within Tuscaloosa City limits.

But city residents can enjoy a free fireworks show at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater, courtesy of the City of Tuscaloosa.

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