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Actual video of the shark attacks and sightings below.


Here is a video of the current status on the beaches.

I’m not talking about a weather situation. I’m talking about a shark attack. What is going on with all of these recent shark attacks on the Florida panhandle?

Let’s just start with how much money you spend on a vacation. Several thousand dollars are spent on a hotel and then you factor in transportation and meals. The last thing anyone wants to do is put their family at risk so you aren’t going to say “hey kids let’s head to the beach!” These recent shark attacks have not been minor brushes with Meg! We are talking about people that have been seriously hurt and are in critical condition because of a shark bite on the Florida panhandle.

We love the Florida panhandle and often do live broadcast from Panama City. I have never been in the water and been afraid for my safety. However, recently something is definitely happening that is different than the normal shark sightings in Florida.

The shark sightings were pretty common before they started biting people. Now you are talking about actual attacks happening within a few days of each other and that is something that we have to be concerned about and careful when it comes to protecting our families. I will still be at the beach with my family but I’m going to have the Shark Tracker app on my phone so I can see how many sharks are on the beach with me and my family.

Warning graphic content: Here is the actual video of the attack

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