Living off-campus can be rough.

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Now that you're no longer in university housing, you have to commute, figure out your meals, and...bring up all your issues to management.

If you haven't been apartment-living in some time, you may have forgotten. But sometimes these communal living spaces can get nasty.

Bad Housing

Back in August, the Tuscaloosa Thread reported on issues at the Lofts at City Center. The apartment complex was receiving complaints about fire hazards, insect and rodent sightings, garbage collection issues and more.

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Since then, the Crimson White--the University of Alabama's student newspaper--has recorded more housing issues at the Lofts and other apartments in Tuscaloosa.

Jaleel Washington, a resident at the Lofts, told the Crimson White that the apartment management removed part of his ceiling after a leak appeared. "After that, we started seeing the rats in various places," Washington said. "We ended up having to buy glue traps and a bunch of other stuff trying to, like, rectify the situation."

The Lofts eventually moved Washington to a different unit.

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Mold Where It Shouldn't Be

Redpoint Tuscaloosa, located on Hargrove East Road, was also called out by students. Makenzie Johnson, a junior, told the Crimson White that she moved into "an unclean Redpoint apartment that had mold in the vents."

During move-in, the manager was reportedly unavailable. Since then, another student noted that the security gate had been broken for the whole semester.

HERE Tuscaloosa, located on Frank Thomas Avenue, is not without sin either. Students also noted issues with mold in apartments, paired with a lack of response from management.

Yikes. Now I feel lucky that I only have to deal with construction at my apartment...

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