Gas prices across the nation and Alabama have been wobbling back and forth.

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AAA said that “after an early spring surge, the national average for a gallon of gas spent the past week drifting up and down by a fraction of a cent before settling a penny higher at $3.53. But the break may be temporary, as gas pump prices will likely resume a spring increase.”

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According to Forbes, the most expensive gas was located in California at $5.10, and the lowest price gas can be found in Mississippi at $3.08.

What is the Possible Cause?

“Uncertainty of the impact of Ukraine’s targeting of Russia’s oil infrastructure likely spiked oil prices recently,” said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson.

However, there is some good news, “those concerns have abated somewhat for now, and gas prices are settling into a pattern similar to last year when the usual seasonal increase was slow and steady.”

Handy Guide To Help You Find Low-Cost Gas in West Alabama

(Prices for regular gas are according to Gas Buddy as of Sunday, March 31, Also, please remember that gas prices do fluctuate.)


$3.19 - Shell in Centreville (907 Birmingham Rd)


No gas stations are reporting.


$3.19 - Love's Travel Stop in Eutaw (7561 MESOPOTAMIA ST)


$3.17 - Shell in Moundville (40829 AL-69)


No gas stations are reporting.


$3.05 - G&L Grocery in Lawley (40004 AL-183)

$3.39 - Chevron in Uniontown (300 Washington St)


$3.09 - Shell in Reform (114 1st Ave E)

$3.09 - Shell in Reform (425 1st Ave W)

$3.25 - Marathon in Reform (504 1st Ave NE)


No gas stations are reporting.


$2.92 - Sam's Club in Tuscaloosa (1401 Skyland Blvd E)

$2.99 - Murphy USA in Northport (5700 Mc Farland Blvd)

$2.99 - Circle K in Northport (5525 McFarland Blvd)

$2.99 - Marathon in Northport (1000 Lurleen B Wallace Blvd)

$2.99 - Walmart Neighborhood Market in Northport (1640 McFarland Blvd)

$2.99 - C-Mart in Northport (2800 McFarland Blvd)


$2.12 - Texaco in Jasper (6285 Curry Hwy)

$2.12 - Chevron in Jasper (475 AL-195 N)

$2.19 - Chevron in Jasper (475 AL-195 N)

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