The Love Food group has ranked the best of the best of one of the ultimate side items, French fries. In this ranking of the finest fries in the nation, an Alabama restaurant has landed on this coveted list.

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Earliest Version of French fries

“It is believed that Belgians were the first to begin the process of frying strips of potatoes, at some time between the late 17th and early 18th century,” said Pitco.

According to legend, the impoverished residents of Meuse relied on fish from the nearby river as their primary food source. They would fry the fish for consumption. During the winter, when the river froze and fishing was impossible, they turned to potatoes as a substitute for fish, giving rise to the earliest version of French fries.

“Would You Like Fries With That?”

In the “United States, the term “French fry” was alluded to when, in 1802, Thomas Jefferson requested “potatoes served in the French manner” to accompany a White House meal,” said Pitco.

Alabama’s Best Fries According to Love Food

The Southern Kitchen and Bar in Birmingham, Alabama

What makes these fries stand out? “While the fries themselves are perfectly cooked, it's the jalapeño and honey seasoning that really makes them stand out. Equal parts sweet and spicy, these fries will win your heart,” said Love Food.

Townsquare Media’s Bite This! can validate the top-notch quality of the fries at The Southern Kitchen and Bar, including some great stand-out meals, like the Ribeye Mac & Cheese, Nashville Hot Chicken, Fresh Fried Okra, and Pimento Cheese Dip.

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