This is a messed up world we live in these days.

It's hard not to agree with that statement.

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Do you believe that if someone enjoys something and it doesn't harm you or your family, they should be left alone to do their thing?

I kinda do.

There are certain exceptions to this belief for me.

This one is hard for me to understand.

A family in Alabama with children that are grown love Christmas.

Lots of us love Christmas. They love the lights more than anything else during the holidays.

This family reached out to us to tell their story.

They live on a street that had very few other homes nearby when they moved in years ago.

Since then, about five homes have been built on their street.

Every year they enjoy going Christmas light crazy!

They actually pay a company to come out and do all the work.

For years, they have received a complaints here and there during the holidays regarding their light display.

This year, they turned everything on its head.

This year they left the entire Christmas light display up and ON as of right now.

What does their house look like?

Take a look.

Photo: DC Chymes/Townsquare Media
Photo: DC Chymes/Townsquare Media

Recently, they invited me to come by in the evening and take a photo.

I didn't capture all of the lighting in this photo.

The trees on each side of the house are also lit up.

The family has received very hateful messages. Most of them are anonymous.


One text read "You're so sad. I hope you face a sad death. Maybe you will soon. You are a piece of s***! I've been watching you for a while and you are just sad and pathetic. Take that s*** DOWN OR ELSE!"


That's not even the entire message.

Many more have come their way this year.

Why does it bother anyone if they have outside lights on?

I don't get it. It would not phase me one bit.

However, several folks in their neighborhood are more than angry.

They haven't gone to the authorities as of now but that is the next step.

What do you think?

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