Is your favorite Winn-Dixie store on the chopping block?

According to Bloomberg,  Bi-Lo, the company that owns the Winn-Dixie Supermarket chain, is reportedly preparing for a potential bankruptcy. Sources also say that the bankruptcy filing could happen as soon as next month.

The supermarket chain is expected to close approximately 200 stores, as part of their restructuring plan. Currently, there are four Winn-Dixie stores in our area, two in Tuscaloosa, and two in Northport. Those locations are: In Tuscaloosa, 5 Points, and on 69 South. In Northport, On McFarland (by Watermelon Road), and on Hwy 43 North.

The locations of which Winn-Dixie Stores that will be closing as not yet been announced.

Bi-Lo, which is based out of Jacksonville, Florida, hasn't made an official statement yet. However, their parent company, Southeastern Grocers did, in which they said:

"Southeastern Grocers is undertaking an ongoing strategic review in advance of our unsecured bond maturity later this year. The company’s business operations continue to be strong, as we serve our customers with quality and commitment by working seamlessly with our business partners every day. We are dedicated to being a great place for associates to work and a great place for our customers to shop by providing quality, service and value in the communities we serve".

Hopefully, none of the Winn-Dixie stores in our area will be affected by this.

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