If you travel on Rice Mine road during any of your commutes, you might be in for a new surprise. Officials are considering closing part of the road to fix a lingering issue. Apparently, there is a partial collapse currently occurring of a stormwater drainage culvert underneath Rice Mine Road. The area in question is just of Northridge Road.

Engineers say that the effect of recent heavy rains has created a hazard under the road, and the project could cost approximately $1 million to fix. In addition, that portion of the road might need to be closed for a time to remedy the situation. The length of period for that construction could take anywhere from one to four weeks.

City Engineer Wendy Shelby told The Tuscaloosa News“The preferred traffic control plan would be to provide a transition from the current five-lane section to a two-lane road through the problem area for at least portions of the work". She also added, "“Potential plans for a detour have not yet been determined as the current goal is to avoid complete road closure at any time during the work. ,If it becomes evident that a full closure and detour is required, the plans will be advertised well in advance assuming no further failure requires immediate action". 

In layman's terms, if you travel that stretch of Rice Mine Road, pack some Goody's Powder in your glove compartment, because you might be needing it soon.

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