One of Tuscaloosa's most beloved food trucks has built a brick-and-mortar restaurant on McFarland Boulevard, and we've been waiting with bated breath for the day they open their doors.

The Tuscaloosa News reported that the new Local Roots is scheduled for a July 30th Grand Opening, but we may not have to wait that long, y'all.

I was watching Instagram stories yesterday afternoon and saw the post below from Local Roots.

Local Roots via Instagram

I was like... ready for what? Ready to make an absolute fool of myself at your restaurant? Ready to order one of everything from your menu?

And then this. I audibly gasped when I stumbled across a post from Local Roots that said the restaurant was OPEN.

Local Roots via Instagram




Does this mean my wait is over? Local Roots also shared stories of customers in their new drive thru.

Local Roots via Instagram

I can't get over it, and I can't wait to get off work today so I can run to Local Roots like a 1940's sailor disembarking a vessel and jumping into the eager arms of his beloved.

All jokes aside, I am so stoked to see Local Roots open their brick-and-mortar location. I love how passionate Owner Dustin Spruill and Chef Brandon Wiman are about putting a new spin on Southern classics. I have always thought the Local Roots food truck has some of the best food in town, and I am thrilled to see them expand into a new and beautiful home.

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