We're now into April, and maybe you're not aware, but April happens to be "Stress Awareness Month". With that said, the personal finance website, WALLETHUB, just came out with a list of The 2017 Most And Least Stressful States In America. Where do you think that Alabama falls on the list? The Answer: Alabama Is The MOST Stressful State In America! Can you believe it?

According to Wallethub,  Alabama came in #1 as The Most Stressful State, and across all the key metrics, Alabama ranked 5th in work-related stress, 2nd in money-related stress, 5th in family-relate stress and 6th in health and safety related stress. I was quite surprised to find this out myself. The cost of living isn't bad here, and there are other states with higher unemployment. However, when other factors were added in, Alabama came in #1! (Which is something we should be used to here in Alabama, right?)  ROLL TIDE! :-)

Anyway, to find out more about this surprising list you can read HERE


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