Seeing that March is Women’s History Month, Wallethub released a report by ranking The Best And Worst States In America For Women.

The study used a total of 23 different categories comparing all 50 states, (and The District Of Columbia), against each other. Metrics like female homicide rates, median income for female workers, and life expectancy.

So, how did Alabama fare? Not very well. Our over-all rank was 47th out of 51! Ouch!

And to add insult to injury, Alabama also ranked in the Bottom 5 in categories like "High-School Graduation Rate", and "Life Expectancy".

Did we do well in ANY categories? The highest ranking we had was "24th" in Women's Preventive Health Care. That was the ONLY category in which we placed in The Top Half, every thing else was in the bottom 50%.

Highlights in Woman-Friendliness State Study (1=Best, 25=Avg.):

Alabama was:

29th – Median Earnings for Female Workers (Adjusted for Cost of Living)

42nd – Unemployment Rate for Women

46th – Share of Women in Poverty

26th – Share of Women-Owned Business

47th – High School Graduate for Women

41st – Share of Women Who Voted in 2016 Presidential Election

32nd – Female Uninsured Rate

50th – Women’s Life Expectancy at Birth

24th – Women’s Preventive Health Care

In case you were wondering, The Top 3 Women Friendly States are: Minnesota, Massachusetts,and Vermont.

If this were High-School, we wouldn't be proceeding to the next grade for sure!

For more info read HERE

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