Writing in script is a thing again. Are you ready to embrace it?

Time magazine reports that cursive handwriting is on the rise. In a digital world, that seems quite anachronistic, but it's showing up in schools around the country once more.

While detractors may roll their eyes since we can type anything on our phones, tablets and computers, Time reports those who support the art of cursive handwriting have plenty of reasons to do so:

Penmanship proponents say writing words in an unbroken line of swooshing l's and three-humped m's is just a faster, easier way of taking notes. Others say students should be able to understand documents written in cursive, such as, say, a letter from Grandma. And still more say it's just a good life skill to have, especially when it comes to signing your name."

With proper penmanship making a comeback, you may be wondering if your handwriting is up to snuff. Time has published a "How Well Do You Remember Cursive?" quiz (that, ironically, must be taken on a computer) that will make you realize it's either like riding a bike because you didn't forget or that you have a long way to go to write so sloppily that people will think you're a doctor.

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