Home Concert Series With The Actor’s Charitable Theatre

Are you in need of some entertainment?  You can join the Actor’s Charitable Theatre located in Northport, Alabama, on their YouTube channel every Tuesday and Thursday night for their Home Concert Series at 7 pm.  According to their Facebook Event Page, tonight, Tuesday, May 5, 2020, you check out, “performers Colton Crowe, Alex Freeman, Autumn Fuller, and Kynnedi Porter will "take the stage" and sing some of their favorite tunes with special guests Maggie Butler and Will Harden!”  Click here to follow their YouTube channel as well.   If you want to find out more about The Actor’s Charitable Theatre, click here.  In my opinion, they do such a great job keeping the arts alive in our area.  The ACT Online notes that their missions is “to create a community theatre that allows people of all ages and experience to be involved in high qualify theatrical productions and use theatre as a means of giving back to various other organizations.”  I can’t wait for this evening to get some great entertainment with the ACT!

(Source) To review the Facebook Event Page for the Actor’s Charitable Theatre, click here.

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