Hold your comments, everyone, I know what you're thinking. Someone defending Harsin? How absurd is this person?

But please hear me out, I have my reasons.

Auburn fans have always been pushed to the side, behind Alabama. It's been a reoccurring problem for theTigers. But now?

Auburn football has never been hotter. They're at the forefront of College Football. Nobody can get the Tigers out of the news.

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It's so wonderful for Auburn fans, isn't it? Slowly but surely, as Auburn basketball coach Bruce Pearl said, Auburn is becoming an everything school. Soon many students will flock to the Plains to see everything the school has to offer.

An eighteenth-ranked recruiting class will certainly help the product on the field. Sure, there's been a bit of turnover on the coaching staff, but Alabama deals with that almost every year and they come out smelling like roses.

And look I get it, a 6-7 year is somewhat disappointing. But look, you made a bowl game! In Birmingham too!

It was so convenient for the Auburn family to only have to drive 2 hours to see their team play. Much better than the drive to say Indianapolis, which for research purposes was 9 hours from the University.

Certainly, support for Harsin has been mixed, but also remember it's the first year. There's plenty of room to grow. Who knows? 7-6 might be in the cards next year.

Maybe even 8-5? The possibilities are endless!

So to my Auburn friends, I implore one thing. You must keep Bryan Harsin.

I mean how else will Alabama fans sleep well at night knowing they'll always be the best in the state?

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