There are a few things on this planet that bring people together and put a smile on their faces. Oh, it’s not what your thinking…

Other than my awesome personality, it’s good music, great people, and delicious food.

Told you it’s NOT what you’re thinking….

Good music that’s easy you’re listening to it.  Great people are easy too… I’m in Alabama now! Now for the hidden gem. What is this Lane Cake I have heard about?

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Let’s go back in time, back to when Emma Rylander Lane entered her cake in the County Fair in Columbus Georgia in 1898 and won first place. At that time she named the cake “ Prize Cake “ and published a cookbook that featured the recipe.

This cake must be amazing since it is also mentioned a few times in the classic book, To Kill a Mockingbird which was published in 1960 by an Alabama native Harper Lee.

Fast forward to 1982 when Jimmy Carter published his memoirs Keeping Faith: Memoirs of a President. Once again the mention of this cake is made by a former President. He states his father would make a few of these cakes around Christmas.

Come on who can honestly say they aren’t at least a little bit curious to try a slice?

Now the original recipe calls for a glass of Bourbon or Brandy. Ok… Look some have altered it and made it with grape juice…. But you know it can’t taste the same if you are using grape juice, so Thank you, Emma…you have piqued my interest.

This cake has me running around and searching for it. In and out of bakeries and stores. Searching the web to find out exactly what makes this cake so special….. WHY is this cake so difficult to find?  WHY have I not come across what I would say is be a MUST try for me. This leaves one option and only one option….

I have found what many have claimed to be the original recipe.. anyone have a baking pan I can borrow to make my very own Lane Cake this weekend?

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