I've got one question for Alabama head football coach Nick Saban:

You OK Bestie?

The GOAT seemed a bit gloomy Thursday during his weekly appearance on "Hey Coach," a famously unscripted radio show that can, at any time, take a turn away from Xs and Os.

Guest co-host Lauren Sisler opened a question asking the coach how everything was going, and after giving a minutes-long answer about his team, he then redirected to apparently the last thing on his mind: himself.

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"If you’re asking how I’m doing," he said, "I really don’t do have a lot to do other than be with the team, there really is no otherwise."

Sheesh, Coach. What sea witch did you make a deal with where you’re not allowed to practice any self-care in order to win championships?


When asked about whether he's reached out to Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher leading up to this week's game in College Station, Saban got reeeeeeeeal weird about his apparent intense loneliness.

"I don’t chat with anybody," Saban confessed. "I really don’t. I don’t talk to people during the course of the week. I mean, Miss Terry if I’m lucky. I don’t see anybody except our staff. We work. I don’t have a lot of time to say, 'I’m going to call my buddy and see what he’s doing.'"

Don't worry, it got even sadder from there.

"Most people that know you kind of know that you’re focused on what you’re doing so they don’t call you," Saban said. "There’s a couple of people out there that I wish would call me every now and then, and they don’t. I don’t talk to hardly anybody. Not just coaches. I just don’t talk to anybody."

So it turns out the only ring Nick Saban wants is from his phone?? I mean come ON. Who in their right mind isn't checking in on our man?

Maybe a quick call from the right person could perk up our patriarch.


A seemingly light question from Sisler took an emotional turn when Saban was asked if there is a certain celebrity who's on his "to-meet list." He took that opportunity to say that sometimes it's the people you can't meet who would mean the most to you.

After playfully mentioning his lifelong wish to meet Elvis, Coach took a moment to remember his late friend Walt Gary, an Alabama superfan who died in June of 2019.

He mentioned that Gary's mother had stopped by before the show to give Saban a #BeLikeWalt wristband, which got him thinking about Fuller Goldsmith, a culinary prodigy and Tuscaloosa native who died Tuesday at the age of 17 from cancer.

Goldsmith worked in the nutrition department at Alabama Athletics, often making meals for players and interacting with the staff as a fan and member of the UA family. He knew the Sabans, who cherished his company – Goldsmith even attended Alabama's game against Ole Miss with Miss Terry.

Saban got a little deep for a minute, reflecting on humanity's existence and why there truly is no time like the present.

"You are a speck in time situated between the past and future, so I think all of us should sort of take advantage of the moment," he said. "We learn from things that happen in the past so hopefully, that helps us have a better quality of life and be happier in the future ... Have gratitude for the days we have, for the things we have, for the opportunities that we have."


It really seems as though Saban has a lot on his mind right now. Even though he said himself that he doesn't have time to think about anything other than football, he's obviously overdue for a day of decompression.

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Should we all pitch in and send him a lil care package?

Should we just leave him alone and, as he famously says, trust the process?

We're rooting for ya, Coach. Try doing a face mask after y'all beat the breaks off A&M Saturday.

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