Want to know what it's like to get vaccinated for COVID-19? Here's my experience getting the shot.

The Alabama Department of Public Health recently expanded its eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine. I registered for a vaccination appointment last week through DCH's website and was thrilled when I received a confirmation email letting me know I would be able to get my first shot.

My appointment was at 7:10 this morning, and I arrived at the DCH laundry lot around 6:50 a.m. There were at least 25 cars ahead of me, but the line was moving quickly thanks to the hard work of the DCH nurses and staff.

My temperature was taken, and then I was asked to fill out a survey.

Meg Summers/TSM
Meg Summers/TSM

I completed my survey and then waited until a nurse confirmed my information and appointment time as was directed to a drive-thru bay. Once inside, nurses explained the things I needed to know and then gave me my first dose of the Phizer COVID-19 vaccine.

I was given a sheet explaining what serious reactions were possible and I was also handed a timer set for 15 minutes. I spent 15 minutes waiting in a holding lot to see if I displayed any signs of a serious reaction and I was totally fine so I was able to head into the office.

The entire experience was SO EASY. I can't commend DCH enough for their hard work, and I know these doctors and nurses have a long road ahead of them--DCH looks to vaccinate 5,000 people this week alone.

My wonderful mom is now sick with COVID-19. She was scheduled to get her vaccine last week, and after an entire YEAR of being so, so careful, she's sick. She has asthma and other respiratory issues, so she has a higher risk for complications, and I am extremely worried about her.

I'm not here to give y'all medical advice, so please consult your doctor before making any health care decisions. I will, however, say that if you can get vaccinated, you should consider doing so. We all have to do our part to bring this awful pandemic to an end.

I am now the proud owner of a COVID-19 vaccination card, and I have never been more happy to see a piece of paper in my life.

Meg Summers/TSM
Meg Summers/TSM

Learn more about scheduling your COVID-19 vaccination HERE.

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