The 2020 college football season is hanging in the balance amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Big 10 has already cancelled its fall season  and the Pac-12 is expected to be following suit with the same decision later today. College players, coaches and even politicians have spoken out about the need for a football season this fall.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey was approached on the subject of the pending football season by

“Governor Ivey, being a fan of the game herself, wants to see college football back just as much as the next person,” Ivey press secretary Gina Maiola said in a statement to “Football season in Alabama is a major piece of our economy, but it is also a big part of the morale of our people. Governor Ivey says that it is a source of pride for our state, but at the same time, we need to do so while keeping everyone’s safety at the forefront. The governor reminds us often that if we want to see sports, everyone must practice personal responsibility.”

Football season is a driving force behind the economy in Tuscaloosa as each game weekend brings roughly $20 million in revenue for the city. The Crimson Tide has already lost two home games due to the conference's decision to only play conference games. Losing the season entirely would be devastating to the city's economy.

The SEC and ACC appear in unison as far as doing everything possible to have a season but with 46 days until the scheduled kickoff, anything could happen.

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