Hollywood’s gonna keep returning to the well of the tried-and-true in search of remake material until it runs dry, which could never happen, for all we know. To mix a metaphor, the ‘80s and ’90s have been thoroughly strip-mined for new #content, to the point where stars of beloved nostalgia objects have to specifically state that they’d prefer not to see a remake to pre-empt what feels like an inevitable greenlight. Geena Davis is the latest celebrity to come out against the recent remakeapalooza, specifically voicing her disapproval of any potential plans to rework her most timeless success of all, Cutthroat Island. (That‘s supposed to be a joke.)

She‘s actually concerned about the future of Thelma & Louise, her delightful (and deceptively progressive) buddy movie with Susan Sarandon. In a new interview with Variety, the noted actress spoke out against any possible remake, sequel, re-quel, or other bastardization of the 1991 film. While chatting during the Sundance Film Festival, she said, “I would be against somebody doing, let’s say, Thelma & Louise without it being Susan and me... I wouldn’t like it. Maybe they’ll do it someday, but I wouldn’t like it.”

Variety notes a 2014 interview with Hollywood Life in which costar Sarandon echoed these sentiments, saying, “I’m really against taking movies that work well and trying to do them over because they never work. I really wish we would stretch our imaginations a little bit more... A lot of films are very specific to the time that they are filmed and to that moment that they existed, and to try to recreate that in a new time is not maybe impossible, but it doesn’t usually work.” But hey, when has “doesn’t usually work” stopped Hollywood before? Do none of us remember the Ben-Hur from last year?

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