Earlier Today I was driving around town when I stopped in to get gas at THIS Texaco Station. However, as soon as I pulled into the lot, I looked up and noticed that the price had risen a bit since the last time I was in there. Two days ago, the price was $1.97 a gallon, but today, the price was $8.88 A GALLON!

Now, I'm used to tiny fluctuations in gas prices, but not a 7 DOLLAR A GALLON gas increase during the course of 48 hours!!! I was taken aback....What could've cause such an increase? I started pondering the reasons WHY?...Was there another Oil Spill In The Atlantic Somewhere? Was there a leak in one of our pipelines? Was there an unexpected Gas Shortage that the media wasn't telling us about? Had the Oil Companies simply bumped up the prices to stick it to us even more? What could it possibly be?  

Then, I started wondering, If gas prices were now close to 9 Bucks A Gallon, how the hell could I afford it? Would I have to go get ANOTHER job? , Would I have to sell my car and buy something a little more economical like a Moped? or, Would I have to SELL my car altogether and simply walk EVERYWHERE? All these thoughts were racing through my mind, ALL because the sign said the price was 8.88 A GALLON! 

So, I jumped back in the car and decided to pull around to the office and ask the manager WHY the sudden increase? But before I could ask him, as I pulled around, I noticed the backside of this sign. The price on it said "$1.98 A Gallon" (The CORRECT price). Turns out that the Front of the sign wasn't working.

Whew! That was a close one :-)



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