Garth Brooks is giving away money like it's giving him a rash. On tour he has become country music's Oprah, giving fans gift after unexpected, life-changing gift.

The "Ask Me How I Know" singer's North American leg of his world tour wraps at the end of 2017, and then he's off to (presumably) Europe, so if he wants to give away a honeymoon in Germany he'll need to find the euros to do it. That really happened recently, giving away a honeymoon. Find that below, plus four other times the Country Music Hall of Famer has gone way above and beyond to show fans he appreciates the life they've given him.

You Need THIS Guitar!

At least one fan has taken home the guitar off Brooks' back, but is a guitar really life-changing? When you see Jeremy Larson's reaction, you'll have to agree it made a difference. He'd only recently returned to music and would later tell Taste of Country he was still on that Garth high several days later.

Honeymoon in Hawaii

A man proposing marriage caught the singer's eye mid-show in Oklahoma City and he stopped to talk to the couple, and then them a trip to Hawaii. Later in the show wife Trisha Yearwood would say she's cool with this gift for Drew and Chelsey, but joked that no one else better propose. Brooks' bank account may not be plump enough to handle 20,000 honeymoons.

A Needed Career Boost

High school graduate Danielle El-Jor has big dreams and a big voice, but she missed her chance to audition for The Voice because she was diagnosed with cancer. In November 2016 El-Jor was declared cancer free, so Brooks invited her on stage to sing "I Told You So" with him.

A Commitment to Education

Brooks' grandest gesture to date happened in Los Angeles when he first revealed the sex of a couple's unborn baby and then promised to pay for her college if he's still alive when it's time for her to attend. That could be a $100,000 investment — or more if baby girl has dreams of being a doctor!

Wedding Gifts

In June Brooks met a Louisiana couple named Jamie and Jude Blanchard during a show at the Cajundome. They were there one week before their wedding, so Brooks casually asked what he and Yearwood could get them from their registry. The Tennessean reports the gifts showed up in late July. Several boxes included two lounge chairs, a KitchenAid mixer, a Rowenta iron, a meat-grinder, a string of industrial patio lights and more.

Even the Biggest Garth Fan Will Learn Something New From This 

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