Joe Nichols' pragmatic but still optimistic view of life and love is what makes his latest studio album Never Gets Old so charming.

The singer's ninth studio album offers depth in "We All Carry Something" and "Billy Graham's Bible," but responds with more playful tracks like "Tall Boys" and "I'd Sing About You." The latter is especially representative of the 12-song project. It's a simple love song that's as honest as a country sunrise.

"If I was Hank Williams, it'd be about heartache and pain / If I was Tom Petty, I'd sing about Mary Jane / If I was ol' Willie I'd sing about eyes that are blue / But since I'm just me, I sing about you," he sings leading into a chorus.

"Hostage" and "Breathless" are two more love songs but the project's signature moment is his single "Never Gets Old." The song is among his finest vocal performances — it's one that stands a foot taller than the rest and really, anything with a traditional bent on the radio. Nichols sounds as inspired during this simple, Don Williams-esque love song as he does during the meaningful ballads like "This Side of the River."

Key Tracks: ""I'd Sing About You," "We All Carry Something," "Never Gets Old"

Did You Know?: "Baby Got Back" started as a joke on Nichols' band during a live show. When they knew the song, they started performing it regularly and at the last minute added it to the Never Get Old album.

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