I had the extreme misfortune of being stuck in traffic on Lurleen Wallace Boulevard this weekend, and while I was navigating my way through what appeared to be the seventh layer of Hell I couldn't help but wonder: exactly how long has this been going on and when will it end?

I got to work this morning and asked Townsquare Media Tuscaloosa Traffic Reporter "Captain" Ray when ALDOT began the Lurleen Wallace project. He said the roadwork began on July 28, 2018. That's about 576 days, which in and of itself is a hard YIKES.

You know what happened in less than 576 days? The filming of BOTH Godfather movies. It took 131 days to film the classic Godfather and 261 days to film Godfather Part II.

Marinate on that: roughly 392 days to shoot not ONE but TWO cinematic masterpieces while all we have is an assortment of orange cones.

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