The Festival of Tulips Has Officially Begun

They say when men start families, they become more soft-hearted. I think it's my turn because every since the birth of Nuppy, I've noticed my own soft-hearted ways. I can't believe it, but I'm excited about The Festival of Tulips! They opened officially on Feb 23.

Here are the details from the Facebook Event Page,

Come and stroll through a field of 100,000 tulips in every color of the rainbow. Pick the ones you want to take home - tulips with the bulbs are only $1.50 each pus tax! Don't forget your camera. The tulips and the American Village make a beautiful backdrop for photos!

The Festival of Tulips will continue as long as the flowers are in bloom. The Festival will be open Monday-Saturday 10-4 and Sunday 12-4, weather permitting.
**Please check our Facebook page or website for field conditions before your trip.

(Source) For more about the Festival Of Tulips, click here.  

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