A lot of people like to say that summertime bodies are built in the winter.  I do believe that life happens and sometimes in the winter things aren't clicking the way they're supposed to so you may not be getting to the gym as much as you want to.

Although, you could take a quick 15- 30 minute walk around the neighborhood, have a treadmill at home, or just do some squats and push-ups as a workout.

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Things still may not work out the way you want to in the winter to be able to show off that summertime body.

When it comes to fitness a lot of times people push kids to stay active, especially throughout the summer.

I recall back home in Orlando, I would spend my summers inside a gym called Bally's. It was my first ever gym experience and I learned so much there. As I grew older. I started going to a place called Planet Fitness.

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Recently, Planet Fitness came across my timeline on social media and the deal that they were offering I could have sworn was completely a scam. I decided to call Planet Fitness on Skyland to investigate. It turned out to be true.


Planet Fitness is offering free memberships this summer, but not just to everybody, specifically high schoolers.


After speaking with the representative at Planet Fitness here in Tuscaloosa I was told that they have what is called a high school summer pass. The pass is for teenagers ages 14 through 19 and is only valid through August 31.

It pretty much covers all of the summer months for kids that are out of school and it's a great way for them to stay active completely for free.

I even asked because a lot of times places will have deals that they say are free and on the back end you have to pay. The representative reassured me that this summer pass is completely free.

If you need more information you can click here.

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