Savanna Hartman's Facebook Live video has been viewed 4.4 million times in just 20 hours. Hartman, a pastor in Tampa, Florida, shared the video yesterday afternoon.

In the video, which you can watch in the post above, Hartman shares her thoughts about the death of Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old African-American man who was killed during a police encounter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Tuesday, July 5. Hartman is clearly emotional as she films her thoughts; she begins the video in tears.

Hartman then shares a poem she's written and closes by speaking from the heart. Her honesty and insight have made her Facebook Live video a viral sensation. Take a moment to watch the video and read her poem which I have done my best to transcribe below.

I can't imagine what it's like
To be born with skin that's black, not white
I wan't born rich, but don't get it twisted--
See how I look--my skin is my privilege.
I don't get watched when I go to the mall;
If I get stopped for a ticket it doesn't end in a brawl.
I don't know what it's like to go out for snacks
and then end up lying dead on my back;
My cars have never been watched or followed around;
My kids don't play in parks and then get gunned down.
I don't know anyone murdered for selling cigs or CD's
I've never been choked out or  or shot at by corrupt men in PD's,
So I won't pretend to know how you feel,
but I have something to day that's true and that's real--
And that's that I am sorry for how we've behaved
starting with the very moment that you were enslaved
since we came over on boats and shackled your hands,
shipped you back here to work on our land.
I'm sorry for the scars you bore then and bear now
because of of wounds that we have caused or allowed.
To Black Women: I am sorry that we have made you a commodity,
using your bodies in secret like a back alley hobby.
I'm sorry your kids watched while you were mistreated;
I'm sorry your husbands have been broken and beaten.
To Black Children: I'm sorry we have made you believe
that you are worthless and you couldn't achieve
the same  heights as the white kids that are in the same class, 
because you are beautiful and you are NOT trash.
To Black Men: I weep because my heart breaks for you;
The masses have been judged by the acts of a few;
You've done the best with the hand that you've been given--
White People, don't exit out, please just listen--
I know it's uncomfortable but you must hear me out;
This is something we must talk about--
I know the history, don't say that it's not true;
The past doesn't disappear because it's offensive to you.
White Americans would say, "We're not all the same,
don't lump us together--I have my own name,"
That's true--I get it--not everyone is,
but to say race isn't an issue perpetuates myth.
To you I would say that Blacks aren't either--
Please open your eyes and be a perceiver,
'Cause if you would just look and be honest right now,
You'd see that their mistreatment is what we allow.
We act like they're poor and less than and gross;
We make fun of their hair, their skin, and their clothes;
We reject them as people but their culture we keep--
like their music, their dance moves, their style, and their weaves;
Don't blame the media or call me mean names;
Don't act like what I say is just for internet fame--
This stuff is FACT: Blacks have been oppressed;
Cops manage every day to disarm white guys without death;
Just being "shady" shouldn't cost men their lives
when they were doing all the knew to provide for their wives--
And this is where you say, "Not all cops are bad,"
If you've not exited out yet, you're boiling mad,
but that logic won't stop me, and I will not be hushed;
You're right: the majority of cops aren't corrupt;
We must speak for the voices who do not have their own,
who went out one day and never game home,
like Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, or Miss Sandra Bland--
not a single one of them held a weapon in hand
and yet they were still killed and no justice was served;
They won't get to speak; their voices will not be heard
because they are dead and buried in dirt;
Their families are broken; their deaths were absurd--
Say that I'm wrong and that I do not know their stories--
Do you want more names?
I can name at least 40.
I don't want your excuses or religious bicker;
it wasn't Satan who pulled the cop's trigger--
I'm not against cops, so don't make this about that;
These aren't opinions; these are black and white facts;
This isn't about black men or white women or cops,
It's about senseless behavior that on all sides must stop;
Whites aren't all racists and blacks aren't all thugs--
All our lives matter; we were all bought with love;
To move forward from here we all need to change,
behavior accepted and futures rearranged,
stop blaming the victims like their deaths were deserved;
We all deserve death but our lives were preserved
by Christ's work on the cross;
He paid for our sins
so we don't have to make the same mistakes again and again;
Don't hate and don't fight ans start walking in love;
Take the mask off your eyes and remove your kids gloves;
We can't change the past but we can change what's ahead;
We can change who we are so less people are dead--
with accountability for our actions and a voice for our cause,
we can form new statutes and create new laws;
We can set this in motion and have tough conversations;
We can change the future for the rest of our nation--
It only takes one person to stand up and say,
"I won't stand for this, this is not the way;"
I'm not sorry for this; this is how it must be
I will be change;
Change starts with me. 

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