One things for certain, and two things for sure, whatever small town you were used to seeing around Tuscaloosa is long gone. With the university football wins and the numerous plants expanding, it's growing the economy. With the economic boom in Tuscaloosa right now, more businesses are coming - by the stampede.

What I like most about Tuscaloosa, is that a lot of businesses are locally owned. It brings great pride and a sense of community to T-town. Plus, the local spots are delicious and have better customer service.

Right now, downtown Tuscaloosa is getting built and new businesses are being announced. A business I'm super excited about seeing is, "Barre Code", a ballet fitness studio. In high school, I took ballet for years. I would love to pick it up again as an adult.

O'Henry's Coffees will be adding a location downtown as well. These days, you can't beat coffee under four dollars.

With the new parking deck to the Temerson Square area, you won't have such a hard time finding parking to get to all these exciting and new places.

What would you like to see added to Tuscaloosa?

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